Beyond The Photos - Wedding and Reception Planning Options

While discussing the engaged couple's big day, and as a full-service wedding photographer and videographer, I often get asked about other wedding services and options. Over the years I've learned to become more than just the photographer, but a friend and consultant as well! For example, if I can't provide that massive 5 tier wedding cake...I know who can!

For those looking to book event planners, wedding planners, DJ’s and other services, I often recommend clients check out sites like You can find about anything you need ranging from professional hair and make up artists, caterers, florists, and MC’s! I’ve been using Decidio for over 10 years and it’s been a great relationship!

It's often the case that when we are going over the wedding day details and timeline, the couple's photography needs end up setting the pace and locations for the bride and groom, and even their entourage. Professional wedding planners know to engage us during their contacts with the couple in order to make sure everyone is in the correct place, at the correct time, with the correct lighting, and with the correct music, for example.

This 'photography timeline' framework makes it easy to fill the gaps with where and when the DJ will be chiming in to direct the crowd, where and when the caterer shall lay out the grub, and when to gather outside for the big escape as newlyweds in their decorated ride.

The main questions we ask the couple you want formal photos with the entire family or just a select group? Will you have any special events like first dances, slideshows, party events, sacred traditions, or something totally unique? These questions can be crucial to ensure we are capturing each moment at the right time and place.

If you are wanting to discuss your upcoming wedding photography, videography, or how to schedule the big day, feel free to contact Alan at Star Path Images Photo & Video. He can be reached at Phone/text - (336) 202-5472 or by email at and leave a message with your name, phone or email for contacting you.

We are always happy to help!


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